project management MCQ UPPCL-SSC-RRB-UPRVUNL JE and AE Exam

Project management MCQ involves planning, executing, and controlling tasks to achieve project goals efficiently. It includes defining objectives, creating schedules, allocating resources, and monitoring progress. Effective project management ensures projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet quality standards, ultimately delivering successful outcomes.

Q-When developing a project’s scope statement, which of the following should not be included?

1. Project justification.

2. Cost/benefit analysis

3. Project deliverables

4. Measurable objectives

Answer: A

Q-A Project control system:

1. Monitors and controls the project’s schedule, costs, scope, budgets etc

2. Is a mechanism which reacts to the current project status in order to endure accomplishment of project objectives

3. Is only needed on large mega projects

4. Is a system for controlling and executing project documentation in an uniform and timely manner

Answer: A

Q-The Project charter is created by:

1. The project manager

2. Upper management

3. The Vice President over a functional management group

4. The customer


Q-One of the initial project documents, issued by senior management, which outlines the authority of the project manager, is

called Project charter. As a seller, what other document can be used in this place:

1. Work breakdown structure

2. Project scope

3. Contract

4. Internal memo


Q-The fixed price contract is advantageous to the buyer because it:

1. requires extremely well defined specifications

2. requires formal procedures for scope changes

3. contractor assumes financial and technical risk

4. has a known cost


Q-The Project manager should be able to fulfill the role of:

1. an integrator

2. a functional manager

3. a line manager

4. a sponsor

Answer: A

Q-Which form of power is the LEAST effective from the project manager’s viewpoint in terms of influencing functional


1. Formal power

2. Expert power

3. Penalty power

4. Referent power

Answer: C

Q-Measured quality of a manufactured product is :

1. Always constant

2. Continually decreasing

3. Subject to a certain amount of variation

4. Continually increasing


Q-Which type of project cost estimate is the most accurate?

1. Preliminary

2. Definitive

3. Order of magnitude

4. Conceptual


Q-The successful project managers spend most of their time:

1. Planning with their personnel

2. Planning with the top management

3. Communication with the project team

4. Studying project results.

Answer: C

Q-The decision to request an increase the resources for a project is the responsibility of the:

1. Functional manager

2. Project manager

3. Director of project management

4. Customer

Answer: B

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