ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Tickets: Price, Registration Date, booking start

A total of 48 matches will be played across 11 Indian cities during the ICC World Cup 2023 tournament. Booking has been issued from the scheduler. Registration for sale of tickets will start from 25th August.

According to sources, the cost of tickets will range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 and go up to Rs. 10,000.

Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president Snehasish Ganguly has announced today that ticket prices for matches to be held at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata will range from Rs 650 to Rs 650. 900 for the upper level, (depending on the team and match), and from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 for lower level and block seats.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

05 Oct ’23England vs New ZealandAhmedabad2:00 PM
06 Oct ’23Netherlands vs PakistanHyderabad2:00 PM
07 Oct ’23Afghanistan vs BangladeshDharamsala10:30 AM
South Africa vs Sri LankaDelhi2:00 PM
08 Oct ’23India vs AustraliaChennai2:00 PM
09 Oct ’23Netherlands vs New ZealandHyderabad2:00 PM
10 Oct ’23Bangladesh vs EnglandDharamsala10:30 AM
Pakistan vs Sri LankaHyderabad2:00 PM
11 Oct ’23India vs AfghanistanDelhi2:00 PM
12 Oct ’23Australia vs South AfricaLucknow2:00 PM
13 Oct ’23Bangladesh vs New ZealandChennai2:00 PM
14 Oct ’23India vs PakistanAhmedabad2:00 PM
15 Oct ’23Afghanistan vs EnglandDelhi2:00 PM
16 Oct ’23Australia vs Sri LankaLucknow2:00 PM
17 Oct ’23Netherlands vs South AfricaDharamsala2:00 PM
18 Oct ’23New Zealand vs AfghanistanChennai2:00 PM
19 Oct ’23India vs BangladeshPune2:00 PM
20 Oct ’23Australia vs PakistanBengaluru2:00 PM
21 Oct ’23Netherlands vs Sri LankaLucknow10:30 AM
England vs South AfricaWankhede2:00 PM
22 Oct ’23India vs New ZealandDharamsala2:00 PM
23 Oct ’23Afghanistan vs PakistanChennai2:00 PM
24 Oct ’23Bangladesh vs South AfricaWankhede2:00 PM
25 Oct ’23Australia vs NetherlandsDelhi2:00 PM
26 Oct ’23England vs Sri LankaBengaluru2:00 PM
27 Oct ’23Pakistan vs South AfricaChennai2:00 PM
28 Oct ’23Australia vs New ZealandDharamsala10:30 AM
Bangladesh vs NetherlandsEden Gardens2:00 PM
29 Oct ’23India vs EnglandLucknow2:00 PM
30 Oct ’23Afghanistan vs Sri LankaPune2:00 PM
31 Oct ’23Bangladesh vs PakistanEden Gardens2:00 PM
01 Nov ’23New Zealand vs South AfricaPune2:00 PM
02 Nov ’23India vs Sri LankaMumbai2:00 PM
03 Nov ’23Afghanistan vs NetherlandsLucknow 2:00 PM
04 Nov ’23New Zealand vs PakistanBengaluru10:30 AM
Australia vs EnglandAhmedabad02:00 PM
05 Nov ’23India vs South AfricaKolkata2:00 PM
06 Nov ’23Bangladesh vs Sri LankaDelhi 2:00 PM
07 Nov ’23Afghanistan vs AustraliaMumbai2:00 PM
08 Nov ’23England vs NetherlandsPune2:00 PM
09 Nov ’23New Zealand vs Sri LankaBengaluru2:00 PM
10 Nov ’23Afghanistan vs South AfricaAhmedabad2:00 PM
11 Nov ’23Australia vs BangladeshPune10:30 AM
England vs PakistanKolkata02:00 PM
12 Nov ‘23India vs NetherlandsBengaluru02:00 PM
15 Nov ‘231st Place vs 4th Place Semi-Final I Mumbai 02:00 PM
16 Nov ‘232nd Place vs 3rd Place Semi-Final IIKolkata02:00 PM
19 Nov ‘23Semi-Final I Winner vs Semi-Final II WinnerFINALAhmedabad02:00 PM

How to Book India vs Pakistan World Cup 2023 Match Ticket

If you want to book tickets for the romantic maths between India and Pakistan in the World Cup, then the process of booking your tickets will start from August 25, in which if you want to book tickets, then first you have to go to the official site of cricket. By registering with you can easily book your ticket.

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