Electrical Drive notes

Advantages of Electrical Drive:

  • It is simple in construction and has less maintenance cost.
  • Its speed control is easy and smooth.
  • It is neat, clean, and free from any smoke or flue gases.
  • It can be installed at any desired convenient place thus affording more flexibility in the layout, being compact, it requires less space.
  • It can be started immediately without any loss of time.
  • It has a comparatively longer life.

Disadvantages of Electrical Drive:

  • It comes to stop as soon as there is a failure of the electric supply.
  • It cannot be used at far-off places that are not served by electric supply.


AC Drive:

  • AC drives are used to step-less speed control of motors mostly used in process industries due to their ruggedness and maintenance-free long life.
  • Speed control of AC drive mainly achieved by voltage-frequency speed control by means of a power semiconductor-based device.
  • Squirrel cage induction motor is widely used in AC drive due to its simple and rugged construction.
  • AC drive is available at various voltage levels and there is no limit on the operating voltage.
  • For the same power rating, the weight of the AC motor drive is less than that of the DC motor drive.

DC Drive:

  • The main reason for using a DC drive is that it has a wide range of speed control.
  • It has high starting torque (DC Series motor) hence can be used in traction, steel rolling mills, etc.
  • It gives a fast response with the input parameter and can provide smooth speed control.
  • It has the ability to quick starting and stopping.
  • The cost of a DC motor drive is more than that of an AC motor drive because of additional equipment required for DC supply such as converter, battery, etc.


Individual Drive:

  • In the case of an individual drive, each machine is driven by its own separate motor with the help of gears, pulley, etc.
  • It is most economical, with less maintenance.
  • Application: Ceiling fan, drilling machine, etc

Group Drive:

  • In group drive, a single motor drives a number of machines through belts from a common shaft.
  • It is also called line shaft drive
  • It is more economical as compared to Individual drive.
  • Application: Several machine tools perform their option by using a single motor in a belt or rope drive.

Multi motor Drive:

  • In multi-motor drives, separate motors are provided for actuating different parts of the driven mechanism.
  • Application: Cranes

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