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  • General / OBC / EWS : 100/-
  • SC / ST / PH : 0/-


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  • Application Begin : 03/09/2022
  • Last Date for Apply Online : 23/09/2022
  • Last Date Pay Exam Fee : 23/09/2022



DRDO CEPTAM 10 Exam City / District Details

  • Uttar Pradesh : Agra, Gorakhpur, Kanpur, Lucknow & Varanasi.


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DRDO Tier II Electrical 2019  Memory Based Questions 

1)The size of address bus in microprocessor 8085 is
Answer-16 bit

2)The size of data bus in microprocessor 8085 is
Answer-8 bit

3)The resistance of major power station is
Answer-1 ohm

4)Consumer uses pf in the range of
Answer-0.85 to 0.95 lag

5)When magnetic alignment is unequal and anti parallel then magnetic material should be
Answer-Anti-ferromagnetic material

6)When permeability is less than vacuum then magnetic material should be-
Answer-Daimagnetic material

7)Fluorescent tube gives red colour when it is coated with
Answer-Magnesium silicate

8)The distribution of conductor is non uniform is due to
Answer-Skin effect

9)Shaded pole motor running
Answer-Main pole to shaded pole

10)Induction motor is a
Answer-Asynchronous motor

11)Synchronous motor is also called as
Answer-Doubly excited motor

12)Which braking gives power supply to the source
Answer-Regenerative braking

13)In Routh Horowitz criteria if poles lies on left hand side the it is

14)In root locus all zero lies in

Answer-Right side of the plane

15)Which is correct in law of reflection
Ans-Reflection angle is equal to refraction angle

16)The impurity contains in magnetic material is

17)Identify switch diagram

18)Pulverizing is done to

Answer-Convert coal into fine burning particle

19)BJT, MOSFET and IGBT belongs to
Answer-All are transistor

20)Thyristor  turn on time is
Answer-Less than tq

21)In a magnetic material force is inversely proportional to

22)Volume of conductor is inversely proportional to

Answer-PF and voltage both

23)Arrange the magnetic material in order to their increases permeability
Answer-Nickle iron<silicon iron<aluminium<bismuth

24)BJT has  junction

25)A)switching produce noise
B)Noise is produce is due to switching surges

Answer-Both are correct an A is correct explanation of B

26)Full wave rectifier wave average value is
Answer-0637 Vm

27)A dc is supply to inductance them
a)Inductive reactant should be zero
b)Current should be infinity
Answer-Both are right

28)Control system is basically a
Answer-Closed loop system

29)A system is said to be marginally stable
Answer-If pole in a imaginary axis

30)the sum of pole and zero in root locus system should be
Answer-Either odd or even

31)Control system is
Answer-Laplace transform of output to input

32)In given circuit diagram the flow indicate
Answer-Direction of current

33)In given circuit diagram is connected to dc supply then flow of current is

34)The impurity contain in magnetic material is

35)In a demultiplexer
Answer-One input and many ouput

36)Which lighting is not used in domestic purpose
Answer-Flood lighting

37)Most simplest wiring system used domestic and commercial wiring system should be
Answer-Casing and capping

38)The no of point connected in one sub-circuit is-

39)Potentiometer is also known as
Answer-Null dictator

40)Potentiometer numerical 1 question

41)Resistance upto infinity should be connected (circuit diagram question).

42)At staring the torque produced by single phase induction motor is

43)Fraction horse power motor rating upto
Answer-746 watt or 1 HP

44)Conductance is analogous to

45)Which produce more energy
Answer-fusion of 1 gm hydrogen

46)Interseath is used in cable is
Answer-t is the composition of the same material of different concentration.

47)lumens per square meter is also called as

48)Which is valid type of tariff
Answer-Block rate,two part,flat rate (all are theses)

49)Area under the load curve gives
Answer-Energy consumed by the consumer

50)A half wave rectifier with center capped peak inverse voltage if peak voltage is Vm
Answer-2 vm


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